Term 3 (next term's schedule)

Monday 27th May 2019 to Sunday 4th Aug 2019

Would you like to feel strong, confident and sexy? Well, you can! And without spending countless hours in the gym doing the same old work-out. PoleFit® sculpts the body with long lean muscles, strengthens the core, tones the whole body and increases flexibility all while burning calories. And it's a whole lot of fun too. If you're new to PoleFit, book into a Level 1 PoleFit course below and experience the many benefits PoleFit has to offer. We look forward to introducing you to the fun and exciting art of pole dance.

To purchase a Term 3 Class Pack, hit the BOOK NOW button below and proceed with payment via our MindBody website. Once you've purchased your Class Pack, make sure you reserve a pole or mat by signing into your favourite classes via our Pole Athletica app.

If you are a new student to Pole Athletica and keen to give pole a try, chat to one of our friendly staff members on 9281 9332.

Day: Monday
Day Time Class Availability
Monday 2:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Monday 3:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Monday 4:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Monday 5:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Monday 6:15pm PoleFit Level 3 EnquireBook Now
Monday 6:15pm PoleFit Level 8 EnquireBook Now
Monday 7:15pm PoleFit Level 5 EnquireBook Now
Monday 7:15pm Advanced Combos with Jen EnquireBook Now
Monday 8:15pm PoleFit Level 1 EnquireBook Now
Monday 8:15pm PoleFit Level 2 EnquireBook Now
Day: Tuesday
Day Time Class Availability
Tuesday 2:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Tuesday 3:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Tuesday 4:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Tuesday 5:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Tuesday 6:15pm PoleFit Level 4 EnquireBook Now
Tuesday 6:15pm PoleFit Level 1 EnquireBook Now
Tuesday 7:15pm Beginner Contortion EnquireBook Now
Tuesday 7:15pm PoleFit Level 6 EnquireBook Now
Tuesday 8:15pm Advanced Tricks with Michael EnquireBook Now
Tuesday 8:15pm PoleFit Level 8 EnquireBook Now
Day: Wednesday
Day Time Class Availability
Wednesday 2:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Wednesday 3:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Wednesday 4:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Wednesday 5:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Wednesday 6:15pm Splits Intensive EnquireBook Now
Wednesday 6:15pm PoleFit Level 7 EnquireBook Now
Wednesday 7:15pm Handstand Clinic EnquireBook Now
Wednesday 7:15pm PoleFit Level 3 EnquireBook Now
Wednesday 8:15pm Commercial Pole EnquireBook Now
Wednesday 8:15pm PoleFit Level 1 EnquireBook Now
Day: Thursday
Day Time Class Availability
Thursday 10:15am Paid Practice Enquire
Thursday 11:15am Paid Practice Enquire
Thursday 12:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Thursday 1:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Thursday 2:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Thursday 3:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Thursday 4:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Thursday 5:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Thursday 6:15pm PoleFit Level 2 EnquireBook Now
Thursday 6:15pm PoleFit Level 5 EnquireBook Now
Thursday 7:15pm CoreFit Athletica EnquireBook Now
Thursday 7:15pm LyraFlow 1 EnquireBook Now
Thursday 8:15pm LyraFlow 2 EnquireBook Now
Thursday 8:15pm Open Stretch EnquireBook Now
Day: Friday
Day Time Class Availability
Friday 12:30pm Paid Practice Enquire
Friday 1:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Friday 2:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Friday 3:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Friday 4:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Friday 5:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Friday 6:15pm Yoga EnquireBook Now
Friday 6:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Day: Saturday
Day Time Class Availability
Saturday 10:15am PoleFit Level 1 EnquireBook Now
Saturday 10:15am PoleFit Level 2 EnquireBook Now
Saturday 11:15am PoleFit Level 3 EnquireBook Now
Saturday 11:15am CoreFit Athletica EnquireBook Now
Saturday 12:15pm Floorography EnquireBook Now
Saturday 12:15pm PoleFit Level 6 EnquireBook Now
Saturday 1:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Saturday 1:15pm PoleFit Level 4 Technique EnquireBook Now
Saturday 2:15pm Active Flex & Stretch with AnDre EnquireBook Now
Saturday 2:15pm Paid Practice Enquire
Saturday 3:15pm Rock the Floor with AnDre EnquireBook Now
Day: Sunday
Day Time Class Availability
Sunday 11:15am Open Stretch EnquireBook Now
Sunday 11:15am Paid Practice Enquire
Sunday 12:15pm PoleFit Level 1 EnquireBook Now
Sunday 12:15pm Paid Practice Enquire