Earning a reputation for being able to pack every pole skill she’s mastered into each of her routines, Clare’s passion for pole fitness is loud and proud! Not having a strong urge to continue with dance lessons as a child or the usual fitness trends later on as an adult, Clare was a little apprehensive when she signed up for her first PoleFit lesson. Thinking her lack of upper body strength would let her down; her concerns soon vanished once class started. Clare ended up having so much fun, she’s been attending ever since!

A firm believer of the PoleFit program, Clare has transformed from someone who avoided physical activity to someone who now thrives on it. She is constantly amazed by the strength and flexibility she has gained from pole dancing and loves that there is always something new to learn. She will try anything challenging or that involves being upside down and has since further developed her aerial skills by studying other disciplines such as Silks, Lyra, Static and Flying Trapeze. Clare lives by the mantra, “you get back what you put in” and believes you can do anything if you really put your mind to it, you just have to practice! She loves teaching at Studio Verve because she gets to share her pole passion with others and keeps fit doing so!