Contemporary Pole

Class Duration: 
1 hour
Course Length: 
10 weeks
Skill level: 

Contemporary dance is all about self-expression, storytelling, and freedom of movement. With a focus on floor-work over leg-work and pointe, contemporary dance pulls from traditional dance styles like Ballet & Jazz, but breaks away from the strict techniques and movements that make those styles so recognizable.

Techniques used in the contemporary style typically reflect the body’s natural alignment making it accessible for dancers of any level. This also allows dancers with less training or technique to still enjoy dance without the need for perfect turnout or super archy feet.

If you're looking for a dance style that encourages you to connect with yourself physically and artistically, then you should give Contemporary Pole Dance a try!

What to wear: t-shirt or singlet, leggings, socks, kneepads or leg warmers

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