Pole Athletica Showcase Term 1 - Floorography


Class Duration: 
1 hour
Course Length: 
10 weeks
Skill level: 

Think 'So You Think You Can Dance' when you consider this class. Floorography is low flow lyrical / contemporary style dance class involving choreography on and around the pole.

Students will learn floor work choreography including a variety of dynamic, fluid and acro-balance movements,

Floorography will expand your repertoire and teach you fun and exciting ways to move your body.

A new combo will be learnt every third week to keep it fresh and fun.

What to wear: leggings, socks, kneepads or leg warmers

Term 2 (next term's schedule)

18th Mar 2019 to 26th May 2019

Term 2 (next term's schedule)
Class Day Time Availability
Floorography Saturday 12:15pm EnquireBook Now