LyraFlow 1

Class Duration: 
1 hour
Course Length: 
10 weeks
Skill level: 
Absolute Beginner

LyraFlow 1 is designed for students new to Lyra and with limited or no pole experience. Take flight and let your confidence SOAR! Unleash your inner acrobat as you learn to climb, spin, and hang up side down while you perform amazing skills in our LyraFlow classes.  Also known as Aerial Hoop, ring or cerceau, Lyra is a fun and challenging way to improve strength and coordination while creating beautiful shapes both in and around the hoop.

Challenge your body and your mind while you are introduced to basic hand grips, spins, leg hooks and floor work below the Lyra. The focus and objective of this level is to create the strength and muscle awareness needed to effortlessly invert and pull yourself up onto the Lyra, which will perfectly complement and enhance your development on the pole. You will be taken through a rigorous conditioning program so that during the term you are strong enough to try more challenging elements and perform flowing sequences on the hoop.

This course is a fun full body work-out designed for women and men of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. There are a limited number of lyras available in each class, offering plenty of one-on-one time between you and your instructor. 

Some of the skills you can expect to learn in LyraFlow 1 are:
Pearl Sequence, basic Spin Drills, Gazelle Splits, Front Balance and Knee Hangs 

Skill Level: Absolute beginner

What to Wear: Tights, socks/bare feet, singlet/tank top

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Term 5 (next term's schedule)

14th Oct 2019 to 22nd Dec 2019

Term 5 (next term's schedule)
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