Beginner Ballet with Ben Starts 6 August!

Have you ever dreamt of taking ballet classes but thought you were too old or that it was simply too late? Our beginner ballet class will take you through the foundations of ballet at the barre in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment. Ballet is a beautiful and timeless style of dance that instills poise, elegance, and grace in all who practice it.

Learn how to plié, pirouette and point your toes correctly! Not only is this class a great workout for the legs and booty, but you'll feel taller as you improve your posture and carriage of your body.

When: Saturday
Time: 11am
Starts: 6 August

Grab your Term 4 Class Pack HERE.

Slip on your ballet shoes (or socks) and we'll see you at the barre! 



A professional dancer turned horticulturist returning to professional dance, Ben grew up in Sydney and Melbourne, studying ballet with Simone Conlan before commencing full time training at The Australian Ballet School. On graduation Ben danced for The Australian Ballet Company for three years, moving on to become an independent dance artist working around Australia.

He has a wealth of experience having previously taught ballet, contemporary, yoga and creative dance for The Australian Ballet School, Bangarra Dance Theatre and other independent studios.

Ben enjoys pole as a unique vehicle of expression, and loves watching his students grow through their own pole journey.

We look forward to welcoming Ben to the PA Team!