Doubles Workshop with Brook & Clare: Sat 16 Mar, 12pm

Step into the exciting world of Doubles Pole at our upcoming workshop! Perfect for both our Summer Series pros and those new to the doubles scene. Doubles Pole is where the excitement of pole dancing meets the art of partnership. Some things are just destined to be together, like fireworks and New Year's Eve, or you and our Doubles Pole workshop!"

In this workshop, you’ll get a taste of everything Doubles Pole has to offer. You'll learn not just how to base and fly, but also the art of working in perfect harmony with a partner. 

Don't worry about bringing a partner; we're like the ultimate matchmakers for pole buddies. You'll be paired up on the day for a fantastic workout and some serious fun.

Before you swing into action, make sure you're comfortable with pole sits, inverts, and inside and outside leg hangs. Ready to join the Doubles Pole craze? This workshop promises to be an unforgettable journey into the world of doubles pole, and we can't wait to have you join us!

When: Saturday 16 March
Time: 12pm
Duration: 90 mins
Cost: $55