Flexibility & Mobility Workshop with Elizabeth


With a unique approach to increasing flexibility, this workshop is based on stretching and conditioning from the awareness of air and space. This path to leads to greater mobility and freedom in the joints, improving articulations and the entire bone structure.

Learn how to expand your range of mobility in a safe and intelligent way using different techniques designed to increase body awareness and freedom of movement.

Areas of focus in this workshop:

  • Mobility of the thoracic spine
  • Upper back conditioning
  • Medium back conditioning
  • Lower back conditioning
  • Activation of the hip flexors
  • Hip alignment
  • Splits alignment techniques

                                                                SKILL LEVEL: Open     |      COST: $50     |     DURATION: 90 minutes 


Born in Lima, Peru, Elizabeth is a dancer, actress and acrobatic performer. With an extensive background in dance and theatre, Elizabeth has danced professionally with the "Ballet Municipal de Lima" for several years and has participated in numerous ballet stage productions, dance, theatre, music, films, videos, video clips and multi-disciplinary productions.

To complement her professional career, Elizabeth has studied and trained in multiple artistic disciplines such as Pole Dance, Stretch/Flexibility, Tango, Contortion, Yoga, Physical Theatre and Performance.

She is an accredited Ballet, Stretch and Pole Dance Instructor.

Since 2011 Elizabeth has judged and guest performed in many International Pole Dancing Championships and has taught Workshops and Master Classes in Contemporary Pole and Flexibility in many different cities around the world.