Pole Evolution Dance Company presents 'ELEMENTS' - Opening Act 'Firebirds'

SV Instructors perform in 'ELEMENTS' Show

Our gorgeous instructors Brook, Phoebe, Jane, Alana and students Kristy Lucas and Ashley Denaro came together in the jaw droppingly beautiful 'Firebirds' opening act for the recent 'ELEMENTS' Pole Show. We're super proud of our girls and would like to point out that apart from Kristy, Ashley and Alana, the girls do not have a formal dance background. They all started as level 1 (absolute beginner) students here at Studio Verve and have worked their way through each level. 

Choreographed by Jennifer Grace, the opening number challenged the dancers with exceptionally difficult "doubles maneuvers" that at times were pretty scary and required them to release their fears and place a lot of trust in their dance partner. The girls rose to the challenge and the result? A movingl lyrical pole piece that brought some audience members to tears.

Congratulations ladies on an amazing achievement!

Watch the video above and look at some of the gravity defying skills below.

Studio Verve instructors in the opening act for the recent Sydney Pole Show 'ELEMENTS'
The girls in a pole skill known as 'Form 3'

Studio Verve instructors rehearsing for the opening act for the recent Sydney Pole Show 'ELEMENTS'
The girls in rehearsal.

Studio Verve instructors reahearsing their opening act for the recent Sydney Pole Show 'ELEMENTS'
Another rehearsal shot of an incredible 'doubles pole skill'