Having competed at a national level in artistic gymnastics, trampolining and sports acrobatics, Yasmine later delved into the aerial arts, with a particular passion for silks and lyra. She has claimed numerous state titles in gymnastics, and performed aerial routines for The Sydney University Movement and Dance Society’s Major Showcase ‘Nocturne’ at the Seymour Centre in 2012.

Pole Athletica's program appealed to her as a fitness activity rather than just for learning exciting tricks, and she has adored it from the moment she first stepped through the doors! In Yasmine's words, "unlike in the gymnastics world, you will never find even a hint of competition here - everyone is out to help and encourage their pole family, and celebrate every success, no matter how small."

Yasmine has performed at numerous studio open nights, and in two routines for the 'Polarity' showcase at the Factory Theatre in 2015. Yasmine loves being upside down, and in particular demonstrating safe and interesting ways of getting in and out of handstands. She enjoys the cognitive and physical challenge of incorporating acrobatic elements into her pole routines and enhancing the fluidity of her movement, especially having no dance background. Yasmine loves that there is always something exciting and new to learn, or a new variation on a more basic move, and she looks forward to sharing that passion with others.