Sofiya fell in love with Pole Dancing after moving to Australia from the Ukraine in 2009. Combining her 2 favourite artforms: gymnastics and dance, she started her pole journey on the sunny Gold Coast, where she performed and competed in many local venues and large functions.  In 2010 she was First Runner Up in the Miss Gold Coast pole competition, and in 2013 she was a finalist for Australian Pole Stars.  Recently in April 2017 she won the Pole Superstar competition here in Sydney.

Constantly learning and developing her own pole skills, Sofiya loves attending local and international pole dance camps and workshops, having recently visited Alex’s Pole Camp in Spain. Sofiya strongly admires people who come into pole dancing without any prior background, as she feels they are a bright example of determination, perseverance and passion! Some of the most important qualities she tries to imbue her students with.

Sofiya has been teaching pole for 2 years, and has 4 years’ experience as a group fitness instructor with her Cert III qualification in Fitness.  As a teacher, she loves helping her students achieve new skills, and always encourages her students to push their boundaries, discovering new and surprising abilities.

“Pole Dancing has brought so many benefits into my life; it made me more focused, determined, and keeps me in a great shape. It gives me the opportunity to meet amazing people, boosts my confidence and brings so much joy and purpose! I can definitely say that I am a better person when pole dancing!”