Our Current Timetable

Monday 21st Oct 2019 to Sunday 22nd Dec 2019

Would you like to feel strong, confident and sexy? Well, you can! And without spending countless hours in the gym doing the same old work-out. PoleFit® sculpts the body with long lean muscles, strengthens the core, tones the whole body and increases flexibility all while burning calories. And it's a whole lot of fun too. If you're new to PoleFit, book into a Level 1 PoleFit course below and experience the many benefits PoleFit has to offer. We look forward to introducing you to the fun and exciting art of pole dance.

If you're new to PA and keen to give pole a try, chat to one of our friendly staff members on 9281 9332 to find out which class will be the best one for you. 

If you're new to PA and transferring from another studio, visit our Classes page to see which level might be best for you. Click on each individual PoleFit level to find out what the pre-requisites are for that level, and if in doubt give us a call or email: i[email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: Pole Athletic will be closed Monday 23 December to Sunday 5 January for the Christmas holidays.

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