SV - What made you start pole dance classes?

Before the age of 24-25 I was hardly doing any exercise. After I graduated from university in Kazakstan, I found that I had more free time, so I began to experiment with various forms of exercise such as thai-boxing and the gym. After a while I found that I wanted to try something more feminine, so I tried strip-dance classes. My teacher for these classes was also teaching pole dancing, so I decided to try that as well. It was love at first pole touch.

SV - What motivates you to keep coming to classes at Studio Verve®?

I moved to Australia two years ago and hardly knew anyone here. I knew I wanted to continue doing pole dancing, so I chose Studio Verve (mainly because of the free practice and the location). I made a lot of friends here. Studio Verve really has this family atmosphere which keeps you coming back! It’s become my second home.

SV - What changes have you noticed in your life since you started pole dancing?

I made great friends, I became more confident, less judgemental, definitely fitter and more flexible. I started eating healthier and overall I’ve started feeling much better about myself. I’ve also found that I haven’t been sick in a very long time so that’s definitely a bonus. 

SV - How does pole dancing make you feel about yourself?

I love how I don’t feel like I am working out. It is just a hobby which happens to be very healthy. I have to overcome fear most of the time and it feels good to be pushing myself out of mycomfort zone.

SV - What changes have family and friends noticed in you/your appearance since you started pole?

A lot of them say that I’ve lost weight and look more toned! Some of my friends on Facebook actually want to start pole dancing after seeing my pictures.

SV- What is your next goal for pole?

I really want to achieve the iron X this year! More abs! More push and pull. Also I want to get better at doing handstands, as this is not one of my strengths at the moment. Last year I focused a lot of my time into stretching, and as a result my flexibility has improved. I am also getting closer to doing the splits and want to improve on them this year.

SV- How long can you see yourself pole dancing for?

All my life if I can!

SV- What is your favourite thing about Studio Verve®?

Free practice is a big thing, especially if you don’t have a pole at home. It is also great to practice with your friends as you can challenge and spot each other. Additionally, Studio Verve really has a family atmosphere. Everyone is super friendly and encouraging!

SV - What are your favourite things about pole dancing?

I love the challenge! You always learn something new. Also, pole dancing is very multi-dimensional. You have to work on your flexibility, strength, endurance, sense of music and a lot of other things.

SV - What is the most challenging thing about pole dancing?

For me personally it is the acrobatic side of pole such as handstands, backflips, frontflips, cartwheels etc. They all give you such an adrenaline rush. It takes a while to overcome your fear, and if at some point you finally land a trick, you feel a great sense of achievement. Handstands are just really hard to balance and require a lot of strength and core!

SV - Who do you think would benefit from pole dancing?

Anyone who wants to have fun while working out! Anyone who wants to feel more confident about themselves and their bodies.

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