Are you passionate about health, fitness & self expression?

If you’re tired of the typical mainstream fitness programs or if the fitness studio you're currently going to isn't giving you the attention you deserve, then Pole Athletica is the perfect place for you.

Pole Athletica helps men and women who are passionate about health, fitness & self-expression discover and reach their health & fitness goals.

You’ll experience our uniquely developed PoleFit programs that draw upon techniques found in contemporary dance, classical ballet, yoga, gymnastics, strength and cardio training.  Our PoleFit programs cater for men and women of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience within weeks of taking part in one of our programs:

  • You’ll tone & strengthen your muscles so you feel and look great.
  • Lose unwanted body fat so you become healthier and leaner.
  • Become more flexible so you minimize the chance of injuries.
  • Dramatically reduce stress levels so you enjoy your days and feel less pressure.
  • Be introduced to a new group of like-minded people where you’ll form long lasting friendships and feel supported

So if you’re passionate about discovering and achieving your health & fitness goals in a self-expressive environment, then we’d like to invite you to a one-off TRIAL class. Start your journey now!


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