Meet Tim - Our Level 6 Pole Super Star!

What motivated you to start PoleFit classes at Pole Athletica? 
I had been looking for a way to exercise that was fun and interesting and used my interest in performing and had heard great things about the instructors and nature of pole Athletica. 

How did you feel before your first class, and what were your initial expectations?
I was a little apprehensive about would I be any good and would this be too hard. Would I be able to progress and was this just for sexy dancers who wanted more exercise challenges. 

Can you describe your journey from Level 1 to Level 4? What were some of the key milestones for you?
Level 1 was purely stay on the pole and this is harder than I expected. Level 2 was ok maybe this is for me and Level 3 is where I"m going upside down and wow, my pole confidence is getting better.

How has your perception of pole fitness evolved since you started? 
It's gone from it's easy and just moving around a pole to realising that the fitness and skill needed to make pole look “easy and effortless” are a great skill and to do them well is a real art-form and requires a lot of strength and control.

What physical and mental changes have you noticed since you began pole fitness? 
The desensitised skill to grip the pole ( still hurts but it’s easier to work through) and if you don’t get it straight away that’s fine.. one step at a time, trust the learning process and you will get it. 

How has pole fitness impacted your daily life and overall health?
Yes I’m happier, fitter, stronger and my posture is so much better and I am more aware of me. 

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?
Fear of not being good and to overcome that you just have to remember it’s a journey, not a race and it will come in time.

Can you share a moment during your journey where you felt particularly proud or accomplished?
When I managed to do my first Crucifix and my first Layback.

How has the community at Pole Athletica contributed to your experience?
The pole Athletica community have been instrumental in my journey, they are supportive and enthusiastic to hear how you are, how your going and finding out what you learnt and what you're thinking and the goals you want to achieve.

What role has the studio environment played in your pole fitness journey?
A huge part, the comradeship of the studio makes me feel happy to show what I have learned and excited to learn more for everyone else.

What would you say to someone considering pole fitness but feeling hesitant?
Do it .. try it and have more to gain than anything you think you will lose.

Do you have any goals for the future regarding pole fitness?
Continue to build on skills and hold a handspring confidently.

How do you feel pole fitness aligns with your lifestyle and personal values?
Very well as it keeps me fit but also allows me to explore the performance and playful sides of my personality.

Is there anything unexpected you’ve gained from your experience at Pole Athletica?
Confidence in my body.