Success Stories

Pole Athletica (formerly Studio Verve) is extremely proud of its diverse clientele and community atmosphere. We believe health and well being should be for everyone, regardless of age or fitness ability. Our desire is to inspire, support and encourage all students to go for and achieve things they never thought possible. Here are some of our students' success stories!


What inspired you to start pole?

I’d been watching one of my friends from Primary School go through some amazing changes during her pole journey, but what actually got me into the studio was spontaneously inviting myself to accompany my sister for her first level one class!


What made you start pole dance classes?

Like many, I'd been admiring peoples' beautiful photos on social media and was so jealous of all their amazing pole bodies.  After I moved to Australia, I was  


What made you start pole dance classes?
Curiosity... Some of my friends had started pole dancing and would should me photos/videos of what they had achieved and I would think "OMG I want to try!" 


What made you start pole dance classes?
I always wanted to try it, and 2 years ago I was looking for something new to do (as I could see that I would never become a world famous surfer) and my friend came across your studio online.


What made you start pole dance classes?
I’ve always been interested in dance growing up, but I’ve never had the chance to start! Last year, I went through a rough stage and had really 


What made you start pole dance classes?
A friend of mine invited me to Showcase back in February last year and needless to say, I've been hooked ever since. Watching the 


What made you start pole dance classes?
I really wanted to work on my core strength (and fitness in general) but have always hated typical core exercises, so I thought pole would be a 


What made you start pole dance classes?
I decided to sign myself up for a beginner’s class with a friend almost 2 years ago, as we were both curious about trying something new and wanted to find a fun and active way to spend time together.


What made you start pole classes?

I got involved in pole through a friend who had been doing it for a few years. I had never considered it before but he sang its praises and convinced me and my boyfriend to give it a try. I loved it right from the start and have kept up with it ever since.


What made you start pole classes?

I saw a pole performance on YouTube by Dirdy Birdy, and was so amazed by how she made it look so graceful and pretty! It completely changed my perspective of pole dancing. 



What made you start pole classes?

I was looking for a different sport to get into after winding back on water polo.  I thought it would be good fun to try it out with some mates, I was instantly addicted. 



What made you start pole classes?

My brother showed me a video of a pole performance by Jenyne Butterfly - Dog Days Are Over. I thought: "Gosh I wanna be as strong as she is!" Well, I'm far from it still, but closer than I was before. And that was my calling. 


What made you start pole classes?

I actually wanted to start pole dancing a few years ago but someone very close to me at that time told me that I was too weak and didn't suit pole dancing. It wasn't until last year that a friend had convinced me to join at Studio Verve. 


What made you start pole classes? 

Well, if I'm honest... I actually got the idea when I was in a male strip club in Montreal during my time as a backpacker. There was a pole on the stage,  but I was really disappointed at how few of the dancers were actually using the pole.


SV- What made you start Pole Classes?

Since I was 5 years old I have been really active, and always trying new forms of physical activity; dancing, pilates, hot yoga, gymnastics, sports, cross country running, and more recently snowboarding and aerials. Pole seemed like a fun new challenge that I could set myself.


SV - What made you start PoleFit Classes?

I’m the type to do a LOT of research before I throw myself into something new. I knew I wanted to try pole dancing, and build on my background as a gymnast and acrobat. Out of all the studios in Sydney, Studio Verve really stood out as the right place for me.


SV - What made you start PoleFit classes?

Before the age of 24-25 I was hardly doing any exercise. After I graduated from university in Kazakstan, I found that I had more free time, so I began to experiment with various forms of exercise such as thai-boxing and the gym.


SV- What made you start PoleFit Classes?

It’s always been something that I’ve wanted to give a go to. I love dancing, and I like the fact that people like Felix Cane and Janine Butterfly make it look like an art form, and not smutty. I think they’ve done an enormous amount to push the 


SV - What made you start PoleFit classes?

I first heard about pole dancing for fitness in 2002 in a newspaper article, but it took me a decade to take the plunge and actually start learning! Spending many hours at a desk for work and being completely disillusioned with going to the 


SV - What made you start PoleFit classes?

I wanted to do something that was different. Pole dancing looked like fun and a great way to keep fit. I picked Studio Verve because it was the only pole studio that had all men classes as well as just female classes and seem to focus a lot more on the skills 


SV - What made you start PoleFit classes? 

My niece Bec, had started pole dancing with her friend and she suggested I join them. I tried a taster class and wasn’t convinced but Bec talked me into...


SV - What led you to start PoleFit classes?

I wanted to do Pole Dancing for a long time, but I always seemed to find some excuse not to do it for example, “I'm not strong enough”, “what if I can't do it”...


SV - What made you start PoleFit classes?

I’ve had several gym memberships before in the past and none of them come close to matching the great vibe at Studio Verve. 


SV - What do you love about Studio Verve?

I would recommend Studio Verve to anyone who is looking for a fun and highly effective addition to or alternative to their current exercise regime. 


SV - What made you start PoleFit classes?

I've been pole-ing with Studio Verve for about a year and a half now. Originally I signed up for something different to do with my spare time, but it's become such a deeply entrenched part of my life, there's no way I'd give it up now!


SV - What do you love about Studio Verve?

The instructors are so friendly and full of encouragement and support; they cater to each individual's strengths and weaknesses, as well as developing your understanding of control, technique and strength.


SV - What made you start PoleFit classes?

At the age of 55 and just before my 56th birthday, I was very unfit after injuring my ankle and not doing ANY exercise for almost two years. Looking for an alternative to the gym, I luckily stumbled across Studio Verve