What made you start pole classes?
I actually wanted to start pole dancing a few years ago but someone very close to me at that time told me that I was too weak and didn't suit pole dancing. It wasn't until last year that a friend had convinced me to join at Studio Verve. At first I was hesitant, thinking that maybe I really wasn't suited for it. But ever since the first lesson, I have never looked back. Now I can't imagine not pole dancing.

How does PoleFit make you feel about yourself?
It makes me feel super confident and fit. I've been able to achieve things on the pole that I've never thought I could be capable of. I'm the strongest I've ever been in my life thanks to PoleFit. It also feels great when my family and friends see my photos and videos from pole practices and tell me how much stronger and fitter I've become.

How long do you see yourself pole dancing for?
For a very long time I hope! I love the feeling that pole dancing gives me so I have no plans of stopping. I don't think I've ever done any exercise that has pushed my body to its limit like pole dancing has. 

What keeps bringing you back to Studio Verve?
I find that studio verve really caters for people who start off with little fitness and flexibility levels. The teachers there are also very friendly and helpful, and know when to push you to improve. I've also received help and advice during practice sessions from the more experienced students and teachers from time to time. The whole atmosphere at Studio Verve is great. 

What is your 2015 pole goal?
I want to be able to perfect my ‘Extended Butterfly’’and learn how to ‘Handspring’. I would also love to develop my flexibility further so I can get closer to doing the splits!