What made you start pole classes?
My brother showed me a video of a pole performance by Jenyne Butterfly - Dog Days Are Over. I thought: "Gosh I wanna be as strong as she is!" Well, I'm far from it still, but closer than I was before. And that was my calling. 

How does PoleFit make you feel about yourself?
Better than I have felt in years! I grew up with an anorexic mentality, so to feel healthy and look less like I'm underfed is extremely rewarding. Also, being able to do the pole moves I'm doing now made me realise that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. So don't give up on your serpents, leg hangs, cupids, extended butterflies, pencils, handsprings, etc!! Use a safety mat, keep trying and you'll get it! Then, celebrate with Messina :)

How long do you see yourself pole dancing for?
Honestly, for as long as my body allows! I hope to be 70 and still be able to do hip circles without breaking my back. If I do break my back, I want my tomb stone to read "Michelle Teng - Pole Danced to Death".

What keeps bringing you back to Studio Verve?
It's my House of Worship. The pink wall and the strong emphasis on techniques. The lovely instructors for putting up with the heart attacks I gave them (more to come). The wonderful pole friends I'm grateful to have met and share laughter with. Shoutout to my first pole friend, May; I believe my first words to her during Level 1 were: "Gosh that fireman hurts my ankle!" Oh and last but not least, TINKYYYY!! (FYI. Tinkerbell is the resident Studio Mascot / Doggie Diva)

What is your 2016 pole goal?
Middle splits, needle scale, proper handstands with no "banana-back" and to perform at SV Open Night.