What made you start pole dance classes?
Curiosity... Some of my friends had started pole dancing and would should me photos/videos of what they had achieved and I would think "OMG I want to try!" So, I dragged one of my friends with me to try out the studio and here I am, 5 years later still trying!

What motivates you to keep coming to classes at Pole Athletica®?
Going to pole is my me-time - I get to just focus on myself and can tune out everything in life. Learning something new every week and the sense of achievement of being able to tick off a move that you were unable to do just the week before.

What changes have you noticed in your life since you started pole dancing?
I’ve built up my upper body strength and have become much more flexible. 

How does pole dancing make you feel about yourself?
Happy and proud of what I have achieved, especially the moment when everything just clicks and falls into place. It's made me believe in myself and that as long as you work hard and practice, nothing is impossible.

Have family and friends noticed in you/your appearance since you started pole?
Besides the occasional comment of "Where did that bruise come from!?", others have commented on my arms ("check out them biceps!") and an overall  more toned physique.

What is your next goal for pole?
Putting a routine together and performing in a student showcase.

How long can you see yourself pole dancing for?
As long as I can… I hope to still be on a pole when 8 months pregnant just like Brook!!

What is your favourite thing about Pole Athletica®?
Students, instructors, Tinky, the vibe, the variety of classes, everything! 

What are your favourite things about pole dancing?
Capturing that insta-worthy moment and looking back at it and thinking... I have no idea how I did it but I want to do it again!

What is the most challenging thing about pole dancing?
Overcoming the pain and fear. And learning that there is no shame in not being able to do a move - be patient and any slight progress is still progress.

Who do you think would benefit from pole dancing?
Everyone, I've been trying to convince friends to try the 5 weeks beginner course so hopefully I will see them around the studio soon!

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