The beautiful thing about Studio Verve is that it is a place that brings together women and men of all ages, shapes and backgrounds, and unites them in the beauty of dance, movement and fun. We see people from all walks of life and they all inspire us in different ways.

We wanted to share the story of one student in particular, Kayoko Suzuki, who is in level 7 and has been a part of the Verve family since 2009. Kayoko has come so far since then and her dedication, focus and amazing spirit in class has set the standard as a model student and a true inspiration for all her fellow PoleFit enthusiasts.

We sat down with Kayoko and had a chat about her pole journey up to this point and what the future holds…

SV - What made you start pole dance classes?

KS - I was had been wanting to try it for couple of years but I hesitated because I was not confident in the strength of arms and hands, plus I was also very shy. I even told my partner about how I wanted to try it, but I couldn’t make up my mind. He secretly called Studio Verve and inquired about classes, safety issues etc. and he thought it sounded good so he gave me a voucher for PoleFit class as surprise gift for my birthday! So, I had to start!

SV – What motivates you to keep coming to classes at Studio Verve?

KS - There are several things that keep me motivated. I am so excited when we learn new skills and poses, and I enjoy the challenges associated with achieving what it takes to progress to the next level. I love keeping healthy and PoleFit has given strength and balance which helps with my other dancing. See instructors in classes and performances really inspires me and I can really feel instructors’ positive attitudes, passions, energies and teamwork. I also love Studio Verve® because I get the befits of pole dancing without having to wear lingerie and high-heels.

SV - What changes have you noticed in your life since you started pole dancing?

KS –    It has enhanced my keenness to keep healthy and has showed me that I can stay fit in an enjoyable way and I have noticed positive changes in my body shape, strength, balance and posture, which helps in other aspects of life.

Since I have noticed these positive changes, I have been able to educate my family and friends about the benefits, because some people have got preconceived images about what pole dance is. I gave influence to a friend of mine and she started pole dancing too!

SV - How does pole dancing make you feel about yourself?

KS –   When I challenge myself to extend my skills and when I looked back upon my achievement and improvement, I feel amazing. When I express a deeper part of myself through dancing, as well as when I feel my health and strength improve, I feel so much more confident and good about who I am.

SV - What changes have family and friends noticed in you/your appearance since you started  pole?

KS – They have obviously noticed improvements in my strength and my body shape, especially in my upper body, back, abdominal area and arms. But they have also noticed changes in how much effort I make to continue with pole dancing, even as it gets more challenging. And most notably, they have noticed how much I am enjoying myself and how happy pole makes me.

SV  – What is your next goal for pole?

KS – My goal ultimately is to continue with my pace, as always, and perfect the strength, accuracy and beauty in each pose, one by one. My aim is also to learn how to coordinate the pole skills with beautiful dancing and performance.

SV –  How long can you see yourself pole dancing for?

KS – This is very good question for me as I’m often asking myself about it. The truth is, I will keep on going as long as my spirit can continue and as long as there is an available pole for me!

Kayoko’s answer to the last question pretty much sums her up and this is why we wanted to share her story. It’s something that we should all remember as pole dancers – the only thing that should motivate us to keep on pole-ing is our passion for it. If you love, do it!

Kayoko, we are so proud of you and your achievements; you really inspire us all and we hope your story inspires others too. And, don’t worry – there’ll ALWAYS be a pole available for you at Studio Verve!!!

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