What made you start pole dance classes?
I’ve always been interested in dance growing up, but I’ve never had the chance to start! Last year, I went through a rough stage and had really low self-esteem, and I wanted to do something that would help me be more confident. I knew someone who trained at Pole Athletica, so I thought, “why not?!”, and I spontaneously enrolled on my own. The rest is history!

What motivates you to keep coming to classes at Pole Athletica®? 
It’s the challenges and the inspiring people I’ve met at the studio that keep me motivated to continue coming to class. I love the endless challenges I’m given learning new pole tricks and trying to master them. It’s true when you hear people say pole dancing becomes an addiction!

It’s also the supportive pole community who keep pushing me to do better. It’s so motivating to see what others can achieve in pole that I could never imagine would be possible.  It keeps me pushing my own boundaries to see what my body can achieve, and that’s why I love coming to class!

What changes have you noticed in your life since you started pole dancing?
I’m a lot happier (and perhaps a lot more daring) since I’ve incorporated pole as part of my weekly routine. It’s something that I always look forward to no matter how tired I am or what mood I’m in. I can come to class knowing that I can have a laugh and be myself. Physically, I’ve noticed that I’ve become stronger in areas I didn’t even know existed (who knew we had lats?!).

Pole dancing has also taught me to be more disciplined. There are no shortcuts to building foundations and technique. If I want to achieve something, it takes practice! And it doesn’t stop there or else all the hard work is for nothing.

How does pole dancing make you feel about yourself?
Pole dancing has made me feel confident from the inside out by discovering what my body is capable of doing. It allows me to let go of everything, completely lose myself by being whoever I want to be and express myself in ways that words cannot. I’ve also come to appreciate my own body and be comfortable in my own skin. I’m not afraid to look myself in the mirror and accept all the flaws knowing that my body is a lot stronger than I think.

What changes have family and friends noticed in you/your appearance since you started pole?
Besides the bruises in odd places, I’ve definitely received comments about looking more toned overall. They’ve noticed that I’m a lot more daring when it comes to taking risks and putting myself out there. And that’s what dancing is all about, becoming vulnerable enough to be okay with letting yourself go.

What is your next goal for pole?
To put together combos. Learning and mastering different pole moves is one thing, transitioning from one move to the other and doing it effortlessly is another story! I really want to get to a stage where I can put together combos and choreograph my own pole routine AND make it look effortless. One day.

How long can you see yourself pole dancing for?
For as long as I live, baby! I don’t plan to stop because I can’t imagine my weekly routine without going to pole classes’ now.  The addiction is real!

What is your favourite thing about Pole Athletica®?
No doubt the community spirit and undying support that I receive from instructors and the pole family!  The studio has pretty much become my second home.  It’s where I come to socialise, have fun and be challenged. Most importantly, there is no judgement at the studio. Knowing that I can come to class and make a fool out of myself without being judged is something I really respect from everyone.

And also Tinky’s presence!

What are your favourite things about pole dancing?
Whether I want to be sassy, sexy, graceful, or strong and powerful, pole dancing allows me to do that. I am able to become different characters, express my emotions and make people feel what I feel. That’s what I love about it!

What is the most challenging thing about pole dancing?
The most challenging thing is definitely tolerating and overcoming the pain.  There is always a new type of pain to every new move! The spinning is a big one for me.  I suffer from really bad motion sickness so it’s definitely another obstacle. And doing moves on both sides … everyone has a goofy side that’s weaker than the other, so it’s always been a work-in-progress trying to do moves on my left.

Who do you think would benefit from pole dancing?
Everyone! I don’t think pole dancing should be limited to anyone! I think it’s common that people think you need to be fit and have amazing core strength before you start pole dancing or else you’re not ‘suitable’. Having a strong core definitely helps to begin with, but it’s when you actually get started that you gradually build the strength you need.

What inspired you to perform your first solo in our recent Showcase?​​​
I remember attending PoleFit Championship and being absolutely blown away by everyone’s performances. Particularly Kevin’s performance. I was so mesmerised by the fluidity and the emotional connection. I wanted to do the same and tell a story through my own performance – to be a storyteller. So I set myself the goal, and committed to it. And I’m very glad I did!

How did it feel performing solo?​
I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t frightening, yet it was such an uplifting experience. It was my first time dancing on my own, and to my very own choreography too! Being anxious and nervous will always be normal- but when the moment came to perform, I just had to make myself be present and be the performer/dancer. Once the music started, it was so uplifting to just completely immerse myself in the music and allow my body to tell the story.

You've now performed in ​a group, a duet, and solo in a Showcase!  Which performance have you enjoyed the most and why?
Although my solo and duet performances are very special to me, the most memorable was my group performance performing Jen’s Heelography routine to “Animal”.  Not only was it my first EVER pole performance, I absolutely loved coming to practice and performing with these girls who have now become my closest friends. It’s an experience that I really cherish as we all learned together and helped each other out leading up to the performance.

Do you see yourself performing again in the future?​
Definitely- in fact, I’m performing in this upcoming showcase! I really want to continue with experimenting with different dance styles that I can incorporate into pole and learn from being a dancer and performer.

What would you say to anyone thinking of performing but weren't sure?
There’s always going to be a certain degree of fear when it comes to performing on stage. But don’t let that fear deprive you of a great experience. I would strongly encourage anyone of any level to give it a go! Coming from someone who had no dance background prior to pole dancing and also being quite a reserved person in general- performing has definitely been a valuable platform for me to nurture my personal growth.

You always have to start somewhere! Tell your own story, and do it for yourself. 

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