SV - What made you start pole dance classes?

SA - My niece Bec, had started pole dancing with her friend and she suggested I join them. I tried a taster class and wasn’t convinced but Bec talked me into signing up for Level 1.

SV - What motivates you to keep coming to classes at Studio Verve?

SA - First it was catching up to Bec, then going upside-down, then leg hangs, and it just keeps going.  I’m constantly able to see that I’m progressing and know there’s always another challenge around the corner.

SV - What changes have you noticed in your life since you started pole dancing?

SA - The main changes have been modifying my diet to ensure I have enough energy for pole, and no longer doing separate yoga classes because it’s incorporated in my pole practice and home stretching sessions.  Yoga and the occasional gym visit used to be my main forms of exercise, now I still do them but they’re both geared at improving my pole fitness and flexibility. Oh, and I have a cupboard full of shorty-shorts and arnica cream.

SV - How does pole dancing make you feel about yourself?

SA - Fabulous! I coach and run workshops on health & wellness so hopefully being in good shape and still achieving new physical skills at forty-something is inspiring to the people I talk to. 

Like yoga, pole uses the body to teach flexibility and strength of the mind.  Having achieved so much at PoleFit I feel I can achieve anything I put my mind to, which has improved my self-confidence.  I also feel extremely comfortable in my own skin (probably because so much of it is exposed in class).

SV - What changes have family and friends noticed in you/your appearance since you started pole?

SA - Apart from the bruises, I get a lot of comments about how fit I look.  One friend says my whole posture has changed and that I now walk like an athlete.

SV - What is your next goal for pole?

SA - It has to be the upside-down pencil; and the splits; and free balance handstands;  and…see why I keep coming back?!!

SV - How long can you see yourself pole dancing for?

SA - That’s a good question.  Most of my hobbies last between 2 and 10 weeks so some friends (and me) are amazed that I’ve stuck with pole for over a year now. I originally thought I’d keep going until it got too difficult, but that hasn’t happened so I’m sticking with it.  Besides, if I give it up where else am I going to find a full body workout that’s so much fun?

SV - What is your favourite thing about Studio Verve?

Everyone is lovely.  Everyone!  The students are super-friendly and more advanced ones are always happy sharing tips on what works for them.  The teachers are not only friendly but also extremely professional, supportive and encouraging.  They make you feel like you’re part of the SV family. I also love the practice sessions: working at my own pace, catching up with Bec, or watching and being inspired by the more advanced students.

What are your favourite things about pole dancing?

SA - It’s great for mind, body and spirit.  The physical benefits are obvious, but adults need to play and pole encourages that.  When you’re hanging upside down you’re totally in the moment, not worrying about the past or future, so it’s great for mental health and managing stress.  The music, sense of community, constant small achievements, and improved self-esteem are all good for the spirit.

SV - What is the most challenging thing about pole dancing?

SA - Staying away!

SV - If there was one thing you could change about Studio Verve, what would it be?

SA - Move it closer to home.

SV - Who do you think would benefit from pole dancing?

SA - Anyone up for some hard play – which is a bit like hard work only much more fun.


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