What made you start pole classes?
Well, if I'm honest... I actually got the idea when I was in a male strip club in Montreal during my time as a backpacker. There was a pole on the stage, but I was really disappointed at how few of the dancers were actually using the pole. They would just stand there and wiggle their hips - I wanted to see some moves! So I suppose their lack of pole usage inspired me to learn the moves I wanted to see myself. I'd never really been big on gyms or lifting weights or anything like that, so the more I looked into it, the more it seems like the kind of exercise I'd really enjoy.

How does PoleFit make you feel about yourself?
It just makes me feel great  Any exercise pumps out those endorphins that make you feel good, but pole is also just so much fun. Performing is also pretty exhilarating, so there's that motivation whenever I'm practicing, because I'm always sort of thinking about the next routine. I feel like I'm always accomplishing something in that sense, always progressing to new moves, so it makes me feel pretty good about myself in that way too.

How long do you see yourself pole dancing for?
Forever! I love it so much, I plan to keep it up for as long as I can.

What keeps bringing you back to Studio Verve?
I was recommended to Studio Verve by a friend of a friend, and from the very first class I've loved every minute of it. Maybe that's the real reason I love PoleFit! Everyone is so encouraging and supportive of each other. I actually went to live in Berlin for 8 months last year, and as soon as I got home one of the first things I did was enrol at Studio Verve again. I've made a lot of friends at Verve now, so classes and practice are almost as much of a social occasion as they are a fitness one.

What is your 2015 pole goal?
I find this such a tough question! I just want to be able to do everything! Right now I'm trying to get the hang of outside leg hangs, but I've also been working really hard on mastering handstands. But then I'd love to work on some more dynamic moves for future routines! I can't pick just one!


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