Everyone who comes to class at Studio Verve is looking for the same thing as I am - to be more fit, but in a safe and comfortable environment.  The best part is that not only did I find that, but also found many caring and fun loving people who are friendly and encouraging to each other with a fantastic camaraderie within the studio.

I like that it is a studio based on fitness with t-shirts and bare feet - sometimes we have such a laugh at ourselves!!

At the age of 55 and just before my 56th birthday, I was very unfit after injuring my ankle and not doing ANY exercise for almost two years. Looking for an alternative to the gym, I luckily stumbled across Studio Verve, so decided to try Pole Fitness and their Core Class......... I couldn't even do a few crunches in a row, and forget doing a dish shape or plank! Three years later and with a lot of encouragement from all of the instructors to go at my own pace, but with each of them always pushing me just that "Little Bit More", I am more fit than most people my age and even a lot of people younger than myself. My original goal was to get fit so I can still lead an active life for as long as I can.  Now I do activities I never imagined were possible and I intend to keep at it.  This has easily become part of my life........I love a good Core Fit class!

Every Instructor at Verve has been my favourite, but especially Twee who knows how to get the most out of each student (meaning me). 

I give a big "Thank You" to everyone at Studio Verve for helping me achieve my original goal and beyond, I'm sure we will continue our relationship for some time to come.


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