Always curious about pole, Brook attended her first open night at Pole Athletica (formerly Studio Verve) in May 2011. This spurred her curiosity further and she signed up to PoleFit 1 the next day. Growing up playing basketball and oztag, sport has always been a big part of Brook’s life. At a very young age, this girl decided, she loved to sweat! 

Driven by the mental and physical challenges of pole, Brook likens pole to ‘a marathon, not a sprint’. Though it sometimes takes some time to achieve certain skills, it’s an exciting and challenging journey and she credits PoleFit for her increased strength, flexibility and most importantly, body awareness. Being able to manoeuvre her body in ways she would never have imagined, pole has been an empowering journey for her.

At the studio, just listen for her laugh! Being an instructor at Pole Athletica, Brook loves sharing her passion for pole with new students. She wants everyone to try the sport, even if it’s just once because she is sure, one lesson is all it takes - you’ll be hooked!