Elementary Pole Combos

Class Duration: 
1 hour
Course Length: 
10 weeks
Skill level: 
Levels 4 - 5
Elevate Your Pole Journey with Elementary Combos! Ready to take your pole skills to new heights? Our Elementary Combos class is tailored for students at levels 4 & 5, designed to boost your strength, endurance, and creativity on the pole.

Dive into the art of fluidly connecting elegant shapes and intricate skills at a comfortable height on the pole. This class focuses on creating unique transitions that not only enhance and refine your coordination, but also bring a fun and rewarding challenge to your pole practice as you gain newfound confidence in mastering fundamental inversions.

Immerse yourself in a flow-based experience where you gracefully transition through moves like the Serpent, Inverted Crucifix, Inverted V, Hooked-Leg Layback, and both Outside and Inside Leg Hangs.

Each session is a step forward in your pole journey, with a fresh combo introduced every three weeks. This structured approach ensures steady progress while keeping the excitement alive.

Join Elementary Combos and transform your pole practice into an elegant and powerful expression of movement!

Pre-reqs: Must have completed PoleFit Level 4 at least once. Must feel confident with Inverted V, Serpent, Inverted Crucifix, Outside and Inside Leg Hangs, Hooked Leg Layback

What to wear: t.shirt or singlet, leggings, socks, knee pads or leg warmers

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