PoleFit Level 1 Core Skills

PoleFit Level 1

Class Duration: 
1 hr
Course Length: 
10 weeks
Skill level: 
Absolute Beginner

PoleFit Level 1 is for students who are new to pole dance. PoleFit Level 1 introduces basic hand grips, spins, leg hooks, floor work, climbs and transitional moves. The focus and objective of this level is to have students spinning (both feet off the floor), to instil an awareness of good posture, and to nurture muscle awareness. This course is a fun full body workout designed for women and men of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Click on the video above to see some of the skills you'll learn in our absolute beginner's program and on the video below to watch the routine you'll learn with all of your level 1 Core Skills!

SKILL LEVEL: Absolute beginner/never done pole before

WHAT TO WEAR: Shorts, socks/bare feet, singlet/tank top, knee pads (optional)
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Term 2 (next term's schedule)

15th Mar 2021 to 23rd May 2021