Michael Ponce

Originally from the Philippines, Michael has been pole dancing for four years; however his background is in contemporary lyrical dance. He has added to his repertoire by competing as part of a troupe for two years while also training in aerial trapeze, Silks and Lyra.

Always putting his emotions and heart into his dance, Michael is a true artist, who loves to feel the song and interpret it with movement, feeling and attitude. Michael’s unique and mesmerizing way of moving saw him as a successful entrant into ‘Sydney’s Encore Pole Show’ at the Factory Theatre 2013, and also as a group finalist as part of D’archangel in the NSW Pole Championships in 2014. Michael was cast as a solo act in Pole Evolution's 2014 production 'ELEMENTS' and is thrilled to be performing in Studio Verve's 2015 production 'Polarity.'