Celebrating 10 Years With This Stunner!


Our gorgeous student Luisa recently reached a huge milestone of 10 years of pole at Pole Athletica!!! Luisa started taking classes with us at our very first studio on Cooper St in Surry Hills way back in 2010. It's not often you hear of people sticking with a hobby for such a long amount of time so wesat down with Lu to find out what keeps her coming back to classes, week after week.

Check out her inspiring story and baby poler pic below and continue reading to see her transformation from pole student to glorious pole athlete. 

We're about to kick off a new term on Monday 21 October so if you're keen to start pole or get back into it, now's the perfect time to start.

What inspired you to start pole?

It was actually at the suggestion of my sister who was keen to do something fun together. After watching Jen’s “Spiral Rhythms” I had an entirely new appreciation for the athleticism, grace and sensuality of pole which inspired me to continue with my lessons.

Performing at my first Showcase in March 2011

What do you enjoy about pole?

Pole Athletica® classes are great fun and varied. After a little patience and perseverance, I started seeing my body doing things I never thought possible. I love that it’s a constantly evolving journey of skills, strength, and endurance.

What's surprised you about pole?

That there are many types of pole dancing and it has evolved much further than its stereotype of something performed in strip clubs. Pole is not something I hide from my family and friends. It has given me so much body confidence and kept me in great shape.  As I’ve become more advanced the need for more skin exposure is essential for performing complex tricks and thus the focus is not what our bodies look like rather what our bodies can do.

Photo courtesy of iFocus Photograhy

How does pole dancing make you feel?

Pole is emotionally healing. I think pole has been fantastic for my mental health. Whatever mood I am in I throw that feeling into my practice. There is nothing more exhilarating and uplifting than when you finally master a move or surprise yourself by picking up a move first try, it stays with you for days! 

What motivates you to keep coming to classes at Pole Athletica®?

I’m motivated by a full-body workout without it feeling like a chore. I’ve done many classes at Pole Athletica® including doubles, commercial pole, advanced combos, and tricks. It’s a fun and supportive environment where I have had many inspiring teachers and made some special friends.

Photo courtesy of iFocus Photograhy

What changes have you noticed since starting pole?

That the community has grown exponentially. The internet is a wonderful platform to share and trade our achievements with the wider global pole community. I love that men are now equally involved in pole. I’ve had some fantastic male teachers and fellow students poling alongside me over the years.

What changes have your family and friends noticed since starting pole?

My sister observes that I’m “more outgoing, confident, fitter and have made new and good friends”.

Photo courtesy of iFocus Photograhy

What are your pole/fitness goals?

Probably to make a bigger commitment to furthering my flexibility. Also, I hope to do another student showcase this year. 

What would you say to anyone curious about pole or thinking of giving it a try? 

Dare to be different! In pole it’s all about the journey of building skills as you grow, and learning that the possibilities can be as creative as your imagination allows them to be.

Photo courtesy of iFocus Photograhy