The Culture at Verve

Studio Verve is committed to creating a safe, non-competitive and empowering environment for all students of varying ages, sizes and ability levels. Everyone is welcome and we celebrate diversity as we all share a common love for health, well-being and of course,  pole dance!

At Studio Verve, we encourage students  to embrace challenge and grow beyond any personal limitations. We inspire students to create goals and realise their dreams! Teachers and students unite as a family to support one another…and hey, we’re big on team spirit!

Students become Ververs -  everyday people who come seeking fitness, end up gaining so much more!

Let our students tell you in their own words…

“Trying to describe the culture and atmosphere at Studio Verve® is like trying to describe your favourite flavour of ice-cream to someone else – very difficult until they’ve tried it for themselves. Friendly, warm, supportive, motivating, professional and challenging are just a few words I’d use to describe the Studio Verve® ‘vibe’. I walk out of every class feeling an amazing sense of achievement.” – Dee

“Supportive, fun and professional. Staff and students alike.” – Ebo

“I feel the vibe/culture at the Studio is a relaxed, positive, non-threatening, motivated vibe and one of fitness. Welcoming to all levels of fitness, shapes, sizes, gender sexuality and age.“ – Laura

“A network of friendly, supportive, open minded, brave people who have ventured outside the borders of conventional exercise and found something deeply rewarding and fulfilling.” – Bridget

“Studio Verve is a community, a safe environment where everyone is welcome. Its about inclusion. A place for everyone, where there is no judgment, just encouragement and support. At Verve, everyone has the opportunity to have a go. A place where you dream big, but work hard. Where we thrive on challenges, mental and physical. We make new friends and share our journeys with each other. But it’s a place that you can also learn a lot about yourself.” – Brook

“The vibe at Verve is one that is supportive and encouraging from the teachers and from fellow students. It is also a pretty joyous vibe, as everyone shares the love of an amazing physical challenge and beautiful art!” – Jacq

“Studio Verve is a fantastic place to not only exercise but to have fun. There is a sense of community where everyone either knows your name or at least smiles and says hi. It is very friendly and the best part about it is that you are remembered by name and greeted with a smile rather than just a client who pays money and nothing more. Why would you want to pole anywhere else when you can pole at Studio Verve®.” – Annaliese

“Studio Verve is a rare treat in a city like Sydney, where posers and gym-bunnies seem to rule the fitness world. It is a place of genuine friendships, sweat and giggles, an encouraging learning environment where you feel compelled to try new things, overcome your fears and you will surprise yourself at what you can achieve and how proud you can really be of yourself!” – Bridget

“There is an addictive buzz to Studio Verve where men and women, novices and advanced pole-ers support and encourage each other with all their achievements.” – Luisa