You may have heard, but Pole Evolution™ Dance Company is back with a brand new production titled ‘Elements’!

With competition season now over, Pole Evolution™ Dancers are looking forward to bringing ‘Elements’, a “Pole Art” inspired show, to the stage in October. Pole Evolution’s™ aim has always been to create unique and artistic show experiences that take the audience away on a journey, and this show is no exception.  

Competitions have a time and place, not to mention an importance in the pole world. At the same time, there are very few, if any, avenues where dancers are able to express themselves without the restrictions of competition criteria. In the creation of ‘Elements’, Pole Evolution™ has created a forum where dancers are encouraged to work to their own strengths, not to the strengths of those around them, and create a cohesive dance piece.

The inspiration for the show comes from the classical ‘elements’ that are used to describe the different energies or patterns in nature on the Earth. The four elements most frequently identified are earth, water, fire and air. Space is also an element, which can be known as Ether, void, consciousness or spirit. Metal and wood are also included as elements, each of which is essential to the existence and well-being of both the earth and the spirit. The elements are embedded in the human psyche; a pole dancer’s life revolves around one of the 7 elements (metal!) so it was only fitting that the upcoming show be themed ‘Elements.’

Pole Evolution™ is bringing together all styles of dance under the banner of ‘Elements’ to create an unforgettable experience for audiences at The Factory Theatre.

The show, as already mentioned, will be held at The Factory Theatre on Saturday 11 October, 8pm. Tickets are on sale now through the venue, which can be purchased online at www.factorytheatre.com.au, by calling (02) 9550 3666 or through the Pole Evolution™ website www.poleevolution.com.au