Invert Conditioning - starts this Sunday!

Whether your struggling to land that "Serpent", battling to hold a "Bat", or striving for that perfect "V", Verve's Invert Conditioning classes are designed help you achieve perfect pole technique. The course draws on specific conditioning exercises that will help activate and strengthen all the right muscles, so that you can master those inverts with ease. Invert Conditioning is a great enhancement course to complement your regular pole practice - just ask our students!

Briana Leg Hang

"I can vouch for Invert Conditioning 110%! Jen is an amazing instructor, designing the program based on the skills, needs and interests of the students in the class. It is so valuable learning from Jen and hearing all her tips. Everyone in the class is incredibly supportive of each other, sharing ideas and offering a helping hand (or spot!). My inverted V's are so much better, feel more fluid and look a lot nicer than when I first started conditioning classes. My handstands are a work in progress but each week I can see AND feel that I am getting stronger in them and a lot more confident. I can feel my core and arms getting stronger in every session I go to. Each conditioning exercise not only works, but is relevant to the skills we learn in class. I love that we can do many of the exercises at home too." - Briana


james cup grip v

"I'd say that Invert Conditioning is probably the on of the best classes being offered at Studio Verve for students looking to really better their pole technique. The results gained from this class I find are more successful than just going to gym or lifting weights, as Jen tailors the class to meet each participant's needs. The course really breaks down movements and actions, and provides student's with the knowledge and specialised training to break bad habits, and build the correct strength and technique to avoid injury." - James


Haejin handstand

"I really enjoy the Invert Conditioning classes at Studio Verve. For one, Jen our instructor is so enthusiastic about what she teaches, and is really passionate about teaching good pole technique. While classes are structured, they are also flexible in that they provide students with a variety of strength and conditioning moves, so that the needs of each student in the class are met. I also love the atmosphere of the class and the support that all the students give one another. All the conditioning activities we do are challenging, interesting and creative, and are moves which we can practice at home! This class has helped me build up a lot of strength and I have noticed a lot of improvement in my inverts and my handstands!" - Haejin


Natalie invert

"I've done various gym conditioning classes and boot camps over the years and none have come even close to the strength building I get at Invert Conditioning. Every week I look forward to the new and exciting conditioning exercises we will learn in order to strengthen our arms and core. Be it balance balls or handstands, every bit of "new sensation" the next day (my first Verve Pole Instructor told me never to use the P word) is a proud badge of honour, as it lets me know I'm so much closer to attaining perfect inverts - ye olde 'no pain no gain' strikes again. Things that I've struggled with over 4 years of pole suddenly make sense when I'm inverting! Invert Conditioning with Jen is most definitely the highlight of my Sunday afternoons" - Natalie


Term Three Timetable

Date: Sunday 7 May

Time: 1.15pm

Suitable for levels 4 and above. 

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