It’s Raining Men! The Top 8 Men of Pole Who Inspire Us

From sexy and fierce to classical and sublime, there is certainly no shortage of pole-men out there who are setting poles on FIRE and raising the standards of the international pole scene.   With so many high-profile women out there, we thought it was time to shine the light on the men of pole.  To inspire you with your own pole evolution, we’ve come up with a shortlist of the top 8 male pole dancers that you will definitely want to follow and fall in love with.


1. Peter Holoda

It’s not hard to see why this Herculean poler from Budapest has attracted over 12k followers on Instagram. “Mesmerizing”, “beautiful” and “elegant” are just some of the ways fans describe Peter Holoda’s style of dance. Peter won second place in this year’s World Pole Art Championship among numerous titles in his career. Check out his incredible pole artistry at


2. Magnus Labbe

Dynamic, fierce and fluid, Magnus hails from Denmark and is trained in Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. He says he “fell in love with Pole as a new way of dancing in the air” which combines his love of dance with aerial arts. Follow his training sessions at


3. Daniel Rosen

This cheeky poler from the UK not only won us over with his friendly, easy-going nature but also made a new fan when he met Tinky the Pom! Despite not having any gymnastics / ballet / dance training, Daniel has conquered the pole world with several major titles to his credit, as well as running his own studio. As a self-described “human pole dictionary”, you can check out all his latest tricks and transitions at

4. Evgeny Greshilov

Is there any part of the body Evgeny can’t hold on with? If this thought wasn’t mind-boggling enough ponder this: over 32K Instagram followers, three World Champion wins and a staggering seven international championship titles. This Russian athlete makes the impossible possible. Check out more of what he can do at


5. Kehong

Kehong is the king of flips and pretty much invents a new pole trick every day. To us we call everything the “Kehong” split or some variation such as “Kehong elbow split”, “Kehong knee split” or “the Kehong toe-hold split”. Kehong hails from China and his influence on the pole scene is incredible; check out his videos at


6. Slava Ruza

This handsome poler from Sweden started his dance career in his hometown of Latvia and performed with prestigious dance troupes for many years before he discovered pole dance. Slava brings an individual, artistic flair to his performances which has been celebrated most notably at the International Pole Championships and Pole Theatre World. Check out his work at


7. Quan Bui

Edgy, raw and oh-so-sexy-flexy, Quan melts onto the pole both barefoot and in heels. Yup! Men can wear heels too! We love his signature, fluid style which he graced at this year’s Mr Pole Dance which earned him second place. Check out more from this Vietnamese pole dancer at


8. Dimitry Politov

This pole dancer from Russia is a lot of fun to watch with his break-dancing style of pole. Though we wonder how does he manage to keep his pants on while pole dancing? It just goes to show you can incorporate any style of dance and costume into your routine! Check out more of Dimitry’s impressive pole skills at