Long Live the Spatchy

If you've noticed a sudden influx of Spatchcocks flooding your news feed over the past few weeks (and you've yet to catch on why!), it's because of a controversial Facebook status put up by International Pole Federation President Katie Coates.

"SPATCHCOCK = UGLY", is the way Katie begins her description of pole star Felix Cane's revolutionary move.

"Yes I said it! It's the most horrific pole move ever created", she continues on to say."If it was up to me it would be banned from the code and everyone told to put their giblets away!"

The status caused a ripple amongst the pole world, as major pole stars including Felix Cane, the creator herself, started posting comments, and pictures of their Spatchcocks in retaliation to Katie's post. It was astounding to see such a positive reaction from the pole community and it seems Katie's post had quite the opposite effect; if anything the Spatchy is back on trend.  We simply adore the Spatchcock which helped earn our director Jen (main image above) the title of 2nd Runner Up at The Australian Pole Championships 2013!

Felix Cane Spatchcock      Michael Spatchcock
Felix Cane (creator)                                                Michael (Studio Verve Instructor)