Lyrical Pole is BACK! Book in for Term 2 NOW!

Lyrical Pole combines traditional ballet and jazz techniques to create a dramatic and evocative dance style that expresses the heart and soul of the music.

Whether it’s bringing the singer's lyrics to life or becoming the physical embodiment of the melody, Lyrical Pole is all about connecting with the music, both physically and emotionally, to create beauty in movement.

This class is PERFECT for anyone who loves to “feel the feels” and wants to elevate their dance expression beyond the physical.

No previous training is required as this open-level class welcomes anyone and everyone keen to explore this beautiful style of dance.

Classes are scheduled to run at 8:30pm every Thursday from Thursday 16 March.
What to wear: t-shirt or singlet, leggings, socks, kneepads or leg warmers
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