Meet Jacob - Our New Kid On The Block!

What do you love about pole dance?

I love everything about pole (except for inside leg hangs) from the athleticism, the strength you build, the grace of a well choreographed routine or combo, the way it works your body, the way it works your brain ;) and I love how it connects people.

People not involved in pole are usually pleasantly surprised at how much of a family-like vibe that our studio has. It’s a relaxing, welcoming and homely environment. I love it at the studio.

It’s normal to be nervous when new students first come to a beginner level class - we’ve all been there, but you soon learn that we’re all there together, doing something we enjoy, and we’re working our bodies dynamically to build stronger, more flexible bodies! It’s a win-win!

What do you love about being an instructor?

I really love being an instructor because it allows me to help other students figure out why certain skills/positions feel weird, uncomfortable or aren’t working for them, and how I’ve been able to make it work for me. Sometimes providing insight into your own struggles, challenges or experience can really help others figure it out for themselves.

Knowledge is key and I love learning! I guess I just truly enjoy passing on my passion for pole!

Who is your pole inspiration?

Well, there are so, so many amazing pole artists and dancers... but one that truly touches my soul would be Mr Peter Holoda. He is just... absolutely everything... I don’t even have words. He is everything I aspire to be and embody as a male pole dancer. Just... beautiful. If you don’t know who he is, get on Instagram, Google, Facebook, or whatever and look him up! 

What are your pole goals/aspirations for the near future?

I definitely want to start performing more. I’ve gotten to a point where I feel confident in a certain set of skills that I could start stringing together into a choreographic piece. Whether it be solo, or a doubles routine, I just have so, so many songs that I want to do that sometimes it just becomes overwhelming and I end up not choosing anything haha. But in saying that, I have recently narrowed down my choices to a couple of pieces of music and artists that I hold dear to my heart and cannot wait to perform!

I’d also like to perform at Mr Pole Dance next year. I feel like I’ve got enough time under my belt between now and then to start playing with ideas and with different styles of pole/dance to see what I like, what works, what doesn’t, etc.

What is the best tip/advice you can give to your students? 

If I could give my students any advice, it’d be don't give up!

Sometimes, to push through a plateau, a wall, a mental block, or whatever it is you’re struggling with, you just have to keep at it - stop thinking about it, don’t be negative and list the reasons why you feel you can’t do something, and just TRY and DO IT! You guys got this!