Meet Jen - Our Virtual Student in Vancouver!


How has life changed for you since the lockdown has been put in place?
Life has changed immensely! Myself and my husband had planned to move from Sydney back to our hometown of Vancouver, Canada in early April, but as a result of the virus we ended up moving few weeks early. It has not been the homecoming we had anticipated. Our planned two-week stay with my parents while we got back on our feet has been extended indefinitely as we can't do any apartment viewings, the boxes of belongings we had shipped have been delayed, and our job offers have been put on hold for the foreseeable future...

How are you coping and do you have any tips to share?
Like everyone, I've had better days and worse days - but on the whole I'm trying to view this time as an opportunity to reconnect with my parents, to try new hobbies, and just to slow down the pace of life a little.

We've noticed you've become one of our live-stream regulars. What's inspired you to join these classes?
I was so thrilled when I saw that PA was offering online classes. PA is home to many of my favourite memories from our time living in Sydney. The instructors are outstanding, the other people in class are incredibly supportive, and both pole classes and the supplementary classes are such great workouts - I leaped at the opportunity to rejoin the PA community from across the ocean!

Have our live-stream classes inspired you to try something new?  
I'm glad I've had the opportunity to try Jacob's ballet classes! Ballet was always something that seemed out of reach for me (hip issues) - but Jacob is fantastic at breaking down the exercises and it's nice to feel all those little muscles around my hips getting stronger.

What are your favourite classes and why?
Jacob's ballet class, Jen's barre class, and Shea's total body blitz class. They're all good workouts for different reasons with different focuses, and it's nice to have the variety while still knowing that I will work up a sweat.

Have you noticed any mental, physical or emotional benefits as a result of our live-stream classes?
Definitely! I'm more focused with my time during the day knowing that I have something in my calendar, and seeing the instructors' faces on the other side of the Zoom screen never fails to make me smile (they're just so unfailingly positive and encouraging!).

How have our live-stream classes helped you maintain your fitness goals?
I worked hard for my pole muscles, and it's nice to know that I'm not completely losing them during this time. Taking the live-stream strength and conditioning classes has allowed me to focus more on my form and identify smaller muscles that need strengthening, which will be a big benefit once my pole arrives in Canada (it's currently on a container ship somewhere near Japan!).

It has also helped offset the impact of me jumping on the bread-making/baking train - I figure one of Shea's body blitz classes is probably about equal to a fresh cinnamon scone? 

How easy have you found it to follow VIRTUAL classes online?
Incredibly easy!

Who do you think would benefit from joining one of our live-stream classes?
Absolutely anyone. I think existing pole students would benefit from keeping their hard-earned pole muscles strong, and it's a great chance for aspiring students to begin to build that strength and get familiar with the instructors.

Since the lockdown have you developed any new mindsets, habits or thoughts? If so, how will you adopt these back into 'normal' life? What 3 things are you grateful for right now?  
Gratitude is the biggest word that comes to mind. I've been trying to focus my mental energy on the things that I'm grateful for - the additional time to catch up with my parents, my husband's patience and understanding, the video chats with friends, being able to focus on my fitness, seeing my grandmother again in person (from a responsible distance!), cuddles with our 14 year old family dog... Hopefully that is a thought pattern that I carry with me as things begin to open up once more.