Meet Jessie - Our Level 4 Pocket Rocket!

How has life changed for you since the lockdown has been put in place?  
I am lucky enough to be able to work remotely, so I work from home 100% of the time now! Coffee catch-ups with friends and dinners with family are now zoom calls while lounging on the couch. My shopping habits have changed (buying so many DIY books and rediscovering my love for stationery). I also don’t have a home pole so that’s super sad. :( 

How are you coping and do you have any tips to share?
After a few weeks of working from home, I’m finding myself suffering from video call fatigue a lot, as all the small in-person interactions are now a zoom call. I’m also missing my friends and family a lot. Tip - try to not look at the screen and pick up a hobby! I swear I was going cross-eyed at one point. 

We've noticed you've become one of our live-stream regulars. What's inspired you to join these classes?
I was turning into somewhat of a couch potato after a week into the restrictions, and got worried I would lose all my pole progress! Before pole, I was crazily unfit and definitely did not want to rebound.

Have our live-stream classes inspired you to try something new?  
It’s definitely inspired me to get closer to my splits. It’s great because even though I don’t have a pole, I can keep working on my flexibility to help me get into cool shapes once we’re back on the pole.

What are your favourite classes and why?
I like so many of them! But I must say, I love Total Body Blitz. I usually attend this class on Saturday mornings, and it’s such a great way to kick off the weekend and earn my cheat dessert. Plus, who doesn’t want Shea yelling at you to squeeze your biceps on a Saturday morning?! Splits intensive is also a favourite; I’ve been trying to get more flexible and get the splits since forever, and I’ve noticed a huge increase in my flexibility ever since attending these classes. 

Have you noticed any mental, physical, or emotional benefits as a result of our live-stream classes?
I was feeling super sluggish before the live-stream classes started, and missed being active. My best friend (Tiffany) and I also went to PA and trained together a lot, so I was missing those catch-ups a lot. We now have a routine where we have a virtual coffee catch up before Saturday live-stream classes! So much more energised than before.

How have our live-stream classes helped you maintain your fitness goals?
Yes 100%! I’m actually trying to get in shape for my wedding (sometime in 2021/2022) so the live stream classes are so helpful in making sure I don’t slack off! 

How easy have you found it to follow VIRTUAL classes online?
Super easy - you can just hop onto zoom and follow along with the instructor. If your form can be improved, don’t worry, they’ll guide you into it. :) 

Who do you think would benefit from joining one of our live-stream classes?
It’s really for everyone and anyone! Especially those who want to try something new! There’s so much variety (lyrical, body blitzing, ballet, floor work…) so even if you’re new to pole you can try something new. You can do it in your living room! I mean, what better time than now since Netflix gets old quickly! 

Since the lockdown have you developed any new mindsets, habits or thoughts? If so, how will you adopt these back into 'normal' life?
It’s definitely changed my perspective on hygiene - I think I’ll keep the constant hand washing, for one. But most importantly, I think it’s shone a light on how important it Is to stay fit and healthy. I’ll definitely try to find ways to stay more active even during work hours since I have a desk job. 

What 3 things are you grateful for right now? 
1. That my friends and family are healthy
2. We're all able to stay active
3. That PA went virtual!