Meet Matt - Our Charismatic Charmer!

Matt is a super sweet and charismatic soul who only recently joined Pole Athletica. However in a short amount of time, he's made a whole heap of friends and we look forward to his big, warm smile every time he comes into the studio.

We sat down with Matt to find out what motivated him to start pole and lots of other fun things! Matt hopes to compete one day and we'll cetainly be there to cheer him on. We hope you're inspired by Matt as much as we are! 

What inspired you to start pole? 
A friend of mine from the Navy came up with the idea when I started at a previous studio. Since then I've enjoyed pole dancing and everywhere I move I hope to continue.
What do you enjoy about pole?
I enjoy learning new tricks, the fitness and catching up with friends who I share my pole adventures with. And doing Ayeshas.

What's surprised you about pole?

Some moves can be quite surprising to learn at first. I was a social hermit before starting pole, so I'm also surprised at how much I have grown since.
How does pole dancing make you feel?
I feel strong, powerful and sexy hehe
What motivates you to keep coming to classes at Pole Athletica®?
My pole family there, I'm always excited to see them, especially after a day's work. Super supportive staff who have been there for me during dark times and lovely location.

What changes have you noticed since starting pole?

Ayeshas have become easy to do now, and I'm less introverted and more open to others.

What changes have your family and friends noticed since starting pole?

They've definitely noticed that I've toned up and increased my core strength.
What are your pole/fitness goals?
I'm going to train hard to compete next year and continue to meet others through my pole journey. I'd like to be able to get Aerial Ayeshas perfected and increase my flexibility. I'd also like to get better at motivating others.
What would you say to anyone curious about pole or thinking of giving it a try?
Just do it and see how you go. Do some exercise in your own time to build up your strength and fitness, and if you struggle with anything personal the exercise will help a lot. Also, go at your own pace and try not to feel under pressure when your peers advance faster than you. For the boys, we may appear intimidating to others at times, remember to not take that personally. It's fun and you'll feel amazing.