Meet Rachelle! Our Gorgeous Go-Getter!

Meet Rachelle!

This beautiful lady started pole only a few months ago and she's already kicked some awesome goals like losing a whopping 10kg for a start! Can we get an AMEN!

We LOVE celebrating all the wins, (small and big) with our students so we sat down with Rachelle to find out a little bit more about this gorgeous go-getter, what motivated her to start pole and lots of other fun things! 

We're really proud of Rachelle and what she's achieved in such a short amount of time and we look forward to seeing what goals she kicks next. We hope you're inspired by Rachelle as much as we are! 

What inspired you to start pole?

I’d been watching one of my friends from Primary School go through some amazing changes during her pole journey, but what actually got me into the studio was spontaneously inviting myself to accompany my sister for her first level one class!

What do you enjoy about pole?

I really enjoy how fun the classes are! I also really enjoy being able to watch myself develop and be able to accomplish different moves that I would not have believed I would have been able to pull off before starting pole!

What's surprised you about pole?

How sore I was after classes, especially at the beginning when I felt I wasn’t doing much! It was surprising but amazing to feel sore afterward because it really felt like I was doing something. Also, the fact that pole is pretty addictive!

How does pole dancing make you feel?

Pole dancing actually makes me feel strong, and a little sexy if I’m honest! Finally nailing a move makes me feel really confident too!

What motivates you to keep coming to classes at Pole Athletica®?

THE INSTRUCTORS!!!!! I cannot praise everyone at PA enough! I’m always gushing about how much I love my instructors and how I love coming to their classes! 

What changes have you noticed since starting pole?

Since starting pole in Term 2 this year, I’ve logged a massive 10kg weight loss! I’ve noticed a heap of physical changes, weight, shape etc, but also a heap of mental changes too! Since starting pole I’ve definitely become a lot more confident and I’ve felt able to come out of my shell a lot more and it’s been easier to tell that negative head voice to go away!

What changes have your family and friends noticed since starting pole?

The biggest thing I’ve heard since starting pole is about how much happier I’ve become! Also how I’m definitely more confident, daring and up for challenges!

What are your pole/fitness goals?

My pole goal is to push further and achieve more than I ever would have expected myself to. Maybe do some funky upside down stuff! Fitness wise, I want to be strong, and I still have a bit more weight I’d like to shift. 

What would you say to anyone curious about pole or thinking of giving it a try?

JUST DO IT! Honestly, one of the best decisions I’ve made was to start pole! Ignore any nerves and just bite the bullet. Everyone I’ve come across, students and instructors alike have been nothing but constant support and encouragement, the best environment to be around!