Meet Sam - Our Level 4 Pole Star!

What motivated you to start PoleFit classes at Pole Athletica?
I turned 40 years old this year and I made a bucket-list for myself with around 20 different things on there, things I've never done before: knife making, riding on a horse, going on a TV game show, and pole dancing was one of the things on my list. I also had a little ballet background, and I always found pole dancing to be somewhat ballet-esque, hence it had attracted my attention for a long time.

How did you feel before your first class, and what were your initial expectations?
Having some performing background and being an extrovert, I was open to anything the PoleFit classes would offer.
At first I thought it was more of a choreography based class (which PA offers!), PoleFit classes were about core skills/techniques, which is a great foundation to pole dancing.

Can you describe your journey from Level 1 to Level 4? What were some of the key milestones for you?
I knew pole dancing could lead to a little bruising, but no one told me there would be bruising from chafing lol! I didn't know pole dancing could involve so much leg work without arms, so much upper-body work without legs, and a combo of all!

Some core skills at Level 1 seemed difficult to master such as the thigh hold sit, but after weeks of practicing, my body just clicked and knew exactly how to get into position.

At Level 2 I achieved something I never imagined I would do: I was reasonably fit but have never been able to climb a pole or a rope all my life. I learned the Fireman Climb, and eventually I was able to climb all the way to the top!

Learning one of Level 3's first inversions: Inverted Crucifix to Bat was a major challenge for me. I never imagined my body could get the hang of things (pun intended!) whilst being upside down. I recalled the first time I went from Serpent to Bat, I let out a little squeal and the person who was practicing next to me looked at me weirdly!

And now at Level 4, the more advanced upside down hangs are proving to be ever challenging, but my experience from previous levels tell me, practice makes perfect and that there's nothing my body couldn't conquer!!!

How has your perception of pole fitness evolved since you started?
The amount of strength that is required for pole fitness! I am getting stronger every session, but I do try and keep up my body strength by complementing it with gym workouts! Flexibility is the key! I was somewhat flexible (for a guy) but pole fitness has taught me I have a long way to go!

What physical and mental changes have you noticed since you began pole fitness?
After one term, I can see from my photos that my arms are toned and my upper body (especially my chest) are getting results. Ongoing PoleFit classes with the Intensive Splits sessions have made me more flexible.

I have a lot of fun in PA. I have a good laugh, I tell my friends all about it. I am most certainly enjoying myself.

How has pole fitness impacted your daily life and overall health?
I look forward to classes along with practice sessions! Nowadays I have become more disciplined and I even do 20-30minutes stretching sessions at home.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?
By week 8 in Level 3, I still had not built confidence in executing the Serpent to Bat because I kept thinking I was going to fall. I was told with upside down hangs, it's mostly in the mind and I have to learn to trust my body. One day during practice, I just gave it a swing and forgot about falling... my body just performed and conquered the Inverted Crucifix to Bat!

Can you share a moment during your journey where you felt particularly proud or accomplished?
I think for me was the moment I decided to actually enroll myself into PoleFit, just giving it a go. I initially was going to try out for one term just to tick off my bucket list, and four terms later I am still going cos I'm having some much fun.

How has the community at Pole Athletica contributed to your experience?
For me, it was important to see other men are also participating in such activity, I didn't want to feel singled out for being the only guy in class! PA has many men coming through, many of them who have years of experience above me. During practice sessions, I watch some of them practice and highly admire their elegant manoeuvers. 

What role has the studio environment played in your pole fitness journey?
Everyone is so friendly! The members and the instructors! It makes you want to come hang out and enjoy yourself!

What would you say to someone considering pole fitness but feeling hesitant?
Give it a try! The fact PA offers an "Intro to PoleFit" session, it was a great way for me to have a taster to see whether pole fitness was my thing or not!

Do you have any goals for the future regarding pole fitness?
I am so proud to have reached Level 4 already but I want to climb as high as I can with PoleFit and take up the combo classes PA has to offer.

How do you feel pole fitness aligns with your lifestyle and personal values?
Doing PoleFit has been a great alternative to going to the gym, which can be very monotonous sometimes. I've always gone with the philosophy of "don't knock it until you've tried it". I gave it a go, I loved it, and here I am going for more.

Is there anything unexpected you’ve gained from your experience at Pole Athletica?
I never realized there are so many different positions, hangs and techniques in pole fitness. All of them seem precarious but none of them are after putting the effort and time in practicing.

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