Open Night - 24 April 2015

The crowd was buzzing with excitement as they awaited the start of what was going to be yet another unforgettable Studio Verve Open Night. As the show began, starting with a dynamic lyrical piece by Verve instructor Alana, the audience was continuously kept on edge from start to finish. Each performer graced the stage with a piece that was unique, beautiful and exciting to watch. We want to especially congratulate the students who performed, for exceeding our expectations, and producing such a high standard of work.

To view the whole open night gallery, click here. Each performance is also available to watch in full on our Youtube Channel.


Giulia in a Janeiro


James shows off his bendy back in a 'J' 



Kiah in a graceful one arm spin


Caroline looking elegent in a 'Ballerina'


Group shot

Curtain Call - all our performers grace the stage for their final bow