Our 6 Favourite Body-Weight Exercises for Pole Dancers

Our 6 Favourite Body-Weight Exercises for Pole Dancers

You don't have to be a pole dancer to enjoy these easy but super effective exercises. Whether you're a regular poler looking for some complementary cross-training exercises or a complete pole newbie looking to improve your strength, our 6 favourite body-weight exercises can be done just about anywhere and don't cost a thing!

Bodyweight exercises are great because they can be easily modified to challenge anyone. Adding extra reps, performing the exercises faster or super slowly, and taking shorter breaks are just a few ways to increase intensity.

Bodyweight movements offer lots of benefits, especially if you're new to strength/resistance training. And you'll see results because they involve compound movements meaning that numerous joints and muscles are engaged in each move.

Here's our recommended work-out to get you started. Working at your own pace, do all 6 exercises in a row. This completes one circuit. Work your way towards completing 3 circuits with the following reps:

1. Plank Forearms: 5 reps
2. Side Bridge: 10 reps
3. Lower Abdominal Leg Lifts: 10 reps
4. Cobra Extensions: 5 reps
5. Full Range Squats: 16 reps
6. Table Pull Ups: 10 reps