Pole & Pizza! Two of Silvia's Favourite Things!

This is Silvia when she first started PoleFit classes at PA in March 2021. 

Silvia is a passionate Italian architect who found in pole the perfect way to channel her “way too loud Italian emotions.” She discovered pole dancing on a hot, summer's night of 2021 by stumbling across Pole Athletica after too many drinks at the Soda Factory (next door), and bet on taking up the challenge.⁠

Now, Silvia loves pole dancing almost as much as pizza but mostly loves the fact that there is a pole flavour for anyone and no stereotypes. 

You too can enjoy your pizza and love pole when you join one of our 5-week Intro to PoleFit courses!

⁠Our 5-Week Intro to PoleFit courses are due to kick off on:

Mon 14 Nov, 8.30pm⁠
Thu 17 Nov, 8.30pm⁠
Fri 18 Nov, 6.30pm⁠
Sat 19 Nov, 1pm⁠
Sun 20 Nov, 2pm⁠