Why I'm Not Rocking In The Corner!

Running a busy dance studio, people often assume that I spend most of my days, well...dancing, and as a former professional ballet dancer I so wish this was the case but in reality a dance studio is like any other business. Before I get a chance to hop into the studio for some ‘me time’ there are a multitude of business related tasks and activities that are a priority. I too experience days that are a joyful breeze and others where I wish I could quietly rock myself in the corner of the room in the foetal position!

However, no matter how bad my day might seem, once it’s time to jump in and teach a class, all my previous stresses disappear. So I gave this some more thought and came to the conclusion that when I’m in class with my students or in a dance class as a student myself, it puts me in the moment at that given time. Nothing else matters because my mind and body are fully present, engaged and focused. You could almost call it an alternative form of meditation and for someone who struggles with the traditional form of meditation, this is one of the best ways for me to unplug and keep not only my physical self in good shape but my mental health in a happy state.

A recent study found that dancing is an effective way to improve your brain power and cognitive function which is the ability to reason, your memory, attention and language.

In today’s disconnected digital age, the ability to interact comfortably and confidently is a skill that is fading. Aside from the benefits of movement and music, dancing allows us to become more connected and social. These social interactions can go a long way in improving mood and mental health. It also gives us the opportunity to make new friendships or spend quality time with existing friends.

The playful nature of dancing gets us back in touch with our inner child and I was reminded of this when my lovely student Simone sent me this email not too long ago;

“Pole Dancing is great for mind, body and spirit. The physical benefits are obvious, but adults need to play and pole encourages that. When you’re hanging upside down you’re totally in the moment, not worrying about the past or future, so it’s great for mental health and managing stress. The music, sense of community, constant small achievements, and improved self-esteem are all good for the spirit.” 

So go ahead and give yourself permission to dance like there’s nobody watching or get your groove on in our upcoming 5 week beginner courses (deets below).
With love,
Jennifer Grace

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