PoleFit Level 8

PoleFit Level 8

Class Duration: 
1 hr
Course Length: 
10 weeks
Skill level: 
Advanced 1

Click on the video above to see some of the skills you'll learn in our Level 8 program and on the video below to watch the routine you'll learn with all of your level 8 Core Skills!

COURSE PRE-REQUISITE: Must have completed Level 7 or feel confident with the skills in this video, CLICK HERE.

Before you make a booking please read our full terms and conditions. ​Click here to view the T&C's.

Term 5 (next term's schedule)

12th Oct 2020 to 20th Dec 2020

Term 5 (next term's schedule)
Class Day Time Availability
PoleFit Level 8 Monday 6:30pm EnquireBook Now
PoleFit Level 8 Tuesday 8:30pm EnquireBook Now
PoleFit Level 8 Thursday 6:30pm EnquireBook Now