Our Top 5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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Winter did not delay this year with her very prompt appearance on June 1. For many, this time of year can bring on the winter blues, a condition also known as SAD 

Awaken Your Spine

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When we think of getting fit we often think of hitting a gym to push weights or burning calories through a heart pumping HIIT session but how often have we related 

Meet Kevin! Our Intermediate PoleFit Champion

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Earlier this year we hosted our very first in-house PoleFit Championships. Ten competitors took to the stage to battle it out in a night filled with pole, dance and inspirational performances.  After claiming the title of our first PoleFit Champion in the Intermediate division, we sat down with Kevin to find out a bit more about what went into his pre-comp prep and how he felt afterwards.

PA Instructor Yasmine Shines Bright at Showcase

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Last term's showcase was nothing short of spectacular with Lyra and Pole performances from both instructors and students. Showcase is all about focusing on the artistic element of pole and lyra where students and instructors are encouraged to unleash their creativity and express themselves in whichever way they feel.

Pole Athletica instructor Yasmine created magic on stage with her carefully constructed light up concept. This piece was so incredible to watch live that it moved audience members to tears.


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