It’s Raining Men! The Top 8 Men of Pole Who Inspire Us

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From sexy and fierce to classical and sublime, there is certainly no shortage of pole-men out there who are setting poles on FIRE and raising the standards of the international pole scene.   With so many high-profile women out there, we thought it was time to shine the light on the men of pole.  To inspire you with your own pole evolution, we’ve come up with a shortlist of the top 8 male pole dancers that you will definitely want to follow and fall in love with.


1. Peter Holoda

Meet Prue - Our Advanced PoleFit Champion

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Earlier this year we hosted our very first in-house PoleFit Championships. Ten competitors took to the stage to battle it out in a night filled with pole, dance and inspirational performances.  After claiming the title of our first PoleFit Champion in the Advanced division, we sat down with Prue to find out a bit more about what went into her pre-comp prep and how she felt afterwards.

Melt the Tension Away With These Simple Stretches!

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Are your neck, shoulders and upper back sore and tight?  It’s not just stress and poor posture that can cause this.  Not stretching after an exercise session can also lead to tension in these areas, eventually inhibiting your active lifestyle.  It’s important to incorporate a regular stretch routine into your daily habits to keep yourself active, and limit stress and injuries.

Tasty 5 Minute High-Protein Breakfast Cookie

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Who doesn’t love a cookie?!  So why not have one for breakfast?!

This yummy, but healthy, breakfast cookie lets your inner child jump up & down while keeping your adult minded waistline in check! The best part is you make it the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight so all you need to do is wake up, open the fridge and enjoy!

Motion Is Life; Keeping Active Creates A Fountain of Youth!

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Being physically active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important ways to live a longer, more enjoyable life. Regular exercise, even if it’s incidental, has been proven time and again to provide positive benefits to both your physical & mental well-being.  Not only do you feel good, look good, and have more confidence, but regular exercise can actively help SLOW DOWN the ageing process on a cellular level, keeping you looking and feeling younger for longer.

Stepping Up!

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So you’ve reached the end of another awesome term at Pole Athletica. Congratulations! Now comes the important decision: will you be repeating the same class next term, or are you ready to progress a level? It’s a question frequently asked by students reaching the end of term. Whilst some students might be content with making slower progress, others might feel compelled to keep up with their peers who seem to be accelerating through the program.


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