Tips & Tricks - Table Pull Ups

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Pull ups are a relatively easy exercise that develops your biceps, back, and shoulder muscles. In addition to being a great upper body workout they also improve your grip strength as you are supporting your body weight using just your hands and forearms. This exercise is perfect to add in to your home workout routine and you’ll be able to see the results of your efforts quickly both in class and out!

How To

Counting Clare's Calories

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Calories and weight loss – we all know the general equation: if you burn more calories than you ingest, then you’re on a successful path towards shedding weight. The general consensus is that complementing cardio exercise with strength training, and a well-balanced diet should help you burn fat, and increase muscle mass.

Open Night - 24 April 2015

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The crowd was buzzing with excitement as they awaited the start of what was going to be yet another unforgettable Studio Verve Open Night.

Invert Conditioning - starts this Sunday!

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Whether your struggling to land that "Serpent", battling to hold a "Bat", or striving for that perfect "V", Verve's Invert Conditioning classes are designed help you achieve perfect pole technique.

Long Live the Spatchy

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If you've noticed a sudden influx of Spatchcocks flooding your news feed over the past few weeks (and you've yet to catch on why!), it's because of a controversial Facebook status

Welcome to Studio Verve

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Take a sneak peek into our PoleFit classes at Studio Verve, and hear first hand from our students about the many benefits that come from regular pole fitness classes.

The Culture at Verve

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Studio Verve is committed to creating a safe, non-competitive and empowering environment for all students of varying ages, sizes and ability levels. Everyone is welcome and we celebrate diversity as we all share a common love for health, well-being and of course,  pole dance!

At Studio Verve, we encourage students  to embrace challenge and grow beyond any personal limitations. We inspire students to create goals and realise their dreams! Teachers and students unite as a family to support one another…and hey, we’re big on team spirit!


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