Then and...Now!

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Looking back, it is incredible to see how much pole has shaped my life in so many ways over the years. The changes that have taken place have been so


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Pole Evolution™ Dancers are looking forward to bringing ‘Elements’, a “Pole Art” inspired show, to the stage 11 October at the Factory Theatre.

Men Pole Dancing

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Yes men pole dance! Studio Verve's PoleFit program for men is a great fitness alternative for guys looking for a fun way to strengthen and condition their body as well as improve flexibility and coordination.

Workshop Addict!

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I was asked recently, “Jane, do you do every workshop that comes to Verve”? There answer is simple. Yes! But that got me thinking about the real question … why?

APC 2013

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The Australian Pole Championships is a national event and one of the largest, most prestigious pole championships in the world. This year APC had almost 200 entries from around the country, with


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